About us

We see a future where everyone has access to healthy, sustainable and affordable food.

our mission
our mission

About us

We see a future where everyone has access to healthy, sustainable and affordable food.


Protein is the cornerstone of our diet

However, the way we produce and eat them today is destroying nature, including human health. Although we produce enough protein to feed the world, it is still not available to everyone.

Income is rising and the population is growing, the demand for food is growing, but a third of food is simply being thrown away. More than 95% of mammals on the planet are humans and livestock. To kill. To get proteins.

Despite the fact that, for example, the global fish population has halved since 1970, more than 20% of the catch is used for animal feed. The challenge is clear, but there's almost no action.

Did you know that...

...28 tonnes of water are needed to grow one tonne of hemp, and as much as 15,000 to 70,000 tonnes of water to produce the same amount of meat.

Production and consumption

We need to act fast to transform production and consumption. That is, in fact, the case with everything, but we have decided to chip in the plant-based food production, from which we plan to expand in all directions. Doing it will hopefully reduce this pointless livestock and poultry farming and immoderate fishing.

To improve the Big Picture we start at the molecular level - protein powders.

"I am not afraid of a herd of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of a herd of sheep led by a lion." -Alexander the Great about cattle breeding
palm oil

The future

We see a future where all people have access to healthy, sustainable and affordable food. Each company has a role to play in managing that change. Together we hope to create a less wasteful economy.

We are determined to support a better balance in this huge ecosystem. It's doable. Here and now. And its impact is global. Time is ticking.



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