Protein powders

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21g / 15g
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3.8g / 9g
dietary fibre
1 serving 2 x 454g / 2 x 16 oz
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White Hemp Protein
dietary fibre
1 serving 454g / 16 oz
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White Flax Protein
dietary fibre
1 serving 454g / 16 oz
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Plant Protein Products

Our protein products are GMO free, vegan, gluten free, pure and do not contain allergens.

Hemp powder has all 9 essential amino acids. Human body absorbs it significantly better than other proteins, aiding muscle recovery and maintaining optimal health.

Flax protein powder is a gluten free substitute to wheat flour and as binding.

Both products are highly digestible and loaded with natural vitamins and minerals.

We use new unique technology in the separation process.

Frequently asked...
How long does this protein powder stay fresh/what is the shelf life?

The shelf life of Plantaator™ proteins is 12 months.

What does this Hemp protein 70% taste like?

Plantaator™ proteins have neutral taste and aroma.

I have allergies, is there anything I should be concerned about?

No you don't. Plantaator™ proteins contain no allergens.

Is Plantaator™ gluten free?

Yes, Plantaator™ proteins are completely gluten free.

Why are 9 essential amino acids so important?

These 9 amino acids are essential, because human organism doesn't produce them by itself.

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