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Plant Protein Project

Plantaator™ protein concentrate is perfect for making smoothies, cocktails and porridges. Replaces baking powder for pies, cakes, cookies, muffins or breads. Or just mix with water. Contains all essential amino-acids and has neutral taste and aroma.

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Good for the planet

Plant based proteins have significantly lower footprint than animal based proteins.

Good for you

Plant based diet is proven to be more healthier than animal based diet.

Neutral taste

Our protein powders have neutral taste and aroma.

Growing Food
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Growing food doesn’t kill our Planet as farming animals does!

According to WWF, reducing livestock production by 50% would save 30% of biodiversity (or impact 12,000 species per year), while reducing annual meat consumption by 50% could save cropland the size of India and Mongolia combined. Reducing meat intake by just half of our usual amount has a direct impact on the environment.

Grow food for people, not animals!

Did you know that...

...producing 1 ton of hemp takes 28 tons of water, while the same amount of meat takes 15 000 - 70 000 tons of water.


White Hemp Protein
dietary fibre
1 serving 454g / 16 oz
Add to cart - 27,90
White Flax Protein
dietary fibre
1 serving 454g / 16 oz
Add to cart - 17,90
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Combo package
21g / 15g
1g / 1.3g
3.8g / 9g
dietary fibre
1 serving 2 x 454g / 2 x 16 oz
Add to cart - 37,90
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Chocolate bowl cake
20min 10 ingredients easy
Gluten free snacks
25min 7 ingredients easy
Broccoli cauliflower protein oven dish
60min 9 ingredients easy
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