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Hemp is food again

Hemp is food again

It is said that we are what we eat. The Earth is sustainable with or without us. And we are, at this moment, trying to screw up ecology with our economy. Including food economy.

Scientists know there’s another way. They have figured out what our ancestors knew long time ago, but what we have forgotten. As population grows exponentially, we need to go back in time with our relationship with nature. We have killed the buffalo and we claim back the nature with all those climate agreements. Are they working? Livestock, which is not buffalo btw, is already out. It tastes good, but we can’t afford it. Not because of money, but because of the damage. We have to eat differently. So what do we do? We use new tech.

We offer hemp protein concentrate, because hemp is declared as food again in the EU since 3 December 2020: SEE MORE. That is why this website exists. Not only to sell a product, but to sell a mindset and to shout out loud: IF WE ARE WHAT WE EAT, then WE HAVE TO CHANGE WHO WE ARE!

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